Ahorn AG is your first point of call throughout Germany for funerals and planning

We provide the details of undertakers
in your area

Give us a call if you have suffered a bereavement and we will immediately put you in contact with caring, expert undertakers in your area. Ahorn AG is one of Germany’s largest funeral service providers with a network of branches and partners nationwide.

Experienced advisers will be on hand to provide assistance if you require special funeral rituals to be observed due to your beliefs or religion. Ahorn AG is able to deal with a wide range of requirements because it operates in a range of fields and is always looking out for committed staff.

Your wishes – your plans

In today’s society death remains a taboo subject. Each of us is aware that life must come to an end, but death and funerals are not popular topics of conversation. Thoughts about death, in particular one’s own, are frequently suppressed. As a consequence relatives often feel overwhelmed when attempting to come to terms with the loss of a loved one.

In addition to dealing with personal grief there are many important things to be sorted out in a short period of time. This is a process often made even more difficult by long distances between family members. A funeral plan contract will ease the burden of relatives.

Succession planning for your firm of undertakers

Traditionally firms of undertakers have been family-owned. If this profession and the business are not taken over by the family or there are no children you as an undertaker face the task of finding a successor for your established company.

Using our company value calculator you can get an approximate idea how much your firm of funeral directors is worth.

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