Ahorn AG is certified with a seal of quality in accordance with DIN regulations

High standards and reassuring certainty, leaving time for what really matters

In 2003 Ahorn AG became the first national funeral services provider to introduce a quality-management system based on the funeral services standard DIN EN 15017. The company had been pushing for the introduction of such standardisation for a number of years because there are many black sheep operating in the funeral market. The name Ahorn AG is therefore synonymous with premium-quality funerals in a wide price range which always honour the dignity of the deceased and the grief of relatives. The Eurocert sign is therefore a seal of quality for Ahorn AG.

Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 is a kind of TÜV seal for quality management. It is only awarded following rigorous examinations of all business areas by independent experts and is checked every year. For customers, and also for our employees, partners and service providers this means guaranteed quality and high standards that are also recognised outside the industry and around the globe. Above all, however, it provides reassuring certainty and leaves room for what really matters: the opportunity to mourn and take leave of your loved ones.

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