Ahorn AG: philosophy, history and service offers

Why is Ahorn AG so special in Germany?

We pride ourselves on our sensitivity, compassion and empathy and offer comprehensive advice. With expertise, integrity and an outstanding level of performance we provide support around the clock and fulfil wishes for a personal farewell.

We deal with the issues of death and mourning with openness and warmth, as evidenced by our Haus der Begegnung (Meeting House) in Berlin, which also houses our company headquarters, and other sites in Germany.

We safeguard our traditional values while always endeavouring to move with the times. Accordingly, our branches throughout Germany are not uniform in appearance but exhibit regional characteristics which have evolved over time and correspond to the respective funeral director brand. At the same time, however, our branches boast a uniform, externally controlled standard of quality.

For Ahorn AG and all associated areas serving the deceased and the bereaved is at the heart of our daily business activities. Accordingly, we offer a suitable funeral for every pocket, e.g. with our cheapest Volksbestattung brand and also for every religion.

The history of Ahorn AG

Since the establishment of the Grieneisen arm of the company in 1830 in Berlin the company has performed well over 2.5 million funerals.
The success story of Ahorn AG began with the establishment of a coffin factory by Julius Grieneisen. Grieneisen’s customers include figures from the Imperial Court and many eminent people.

Under the stewardship of the brothers Andreas and Johannes Bolle the company grew into the largest and most reputable firm of undertakers in Berlin. In 1960 the company was sold to Global Handels- und Verwaltungs-GmbH, which was founded that year together with IDEAL Lebensversicherung a.G.. IDEAL, in turn, has been associated with GBG since 1925. The companies merged to form the Grieneisen/GBG group and continued to grow in the funeral sector until the early eighties. Management was assumed by the 100-percent parent company IDEAL.
In 1991 the company acquired 75% of ANTEA Beteiligungs GmbH, adding the remaining 25% in 2001.
In 1998 the company merged with the Munich-based Ahorn to form Ahorn-Grieneisen AG. In September 2003 Ahorn-Grieneisen AG joined forces with TrauerHilfe DENK, whose roots in Bavaria date back to 1844.

In 2002 the subsidiary Horizont – lebensbegleitende Dienste GmbH was founded. This company was wound up in 2009 and has since dealt with global transportations as the Horizont division of Ahorn AG. On 16th January 2004 the new headquarters of Ahorn –Grieneisen AG officially opened its doors in Berlin. Additional Haus der Begegnung (Meeting Houses) were opened in March in Hannover and in April in Elmshorn.

In November 2007 Ahorn-Grieneisen AG became Ahorn AG in order to manage the core operations separately and to separate the names. In August 2007 Grieneisen and GBG, which until then had been unified under the name Ahorn-Grieneisen GBG Bestattungen GmbH, became a new limited company called Grieneisen GBG Bestattungen GmbH.

The managing board of Ahorn AG

The managing board of Ahorn AG: Olaf Dilge
  Olaf Dilge
On the 1rst of February 2005 Olaf Dilge became member of the managing board of the former Ahorn-Grieneisen AG, since January 2008 he ist the chairman of the board of Ahorn AG.

He is responsible e.g. for the divisions strategic planning of the company, branch organisation, purchasing, the legal department, human resources and marketing.

The managing board of Ahorn AG: Karlheinz Fritscher   Karlheinz Fritscher
Since January 2010 Karlheinz Fritscher ist the deputy chairman oft the board und accounts among other things for the financial departments und the division of merger and acquisitions.

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