Protection for your family and reassuring security for you – both spiritual and financial

Funeral planning for your wishes and funeral payment for costs

Death is one of the few issues not openly discussed in our society – even within the family. As a result relatives are often unprepared for death and do not know what to do as the huge emotion surrounding the situation leaves no scope for rational action. It is therefore advisable to prepare in advance with a funeral plan.
Only someone who has dealt with this situation at least once before can ensure that personal wishes are respected. Financial protection of the funeral is also important.

A funeral plan ensures your funeral is conducted in accordance with your wishes and spares relatives from making decisions

When a loved one dies everyone is fully occupied dealing with the bereavement but in addition to expressing personal grief, there are a number of important matters to resolve and irrevocable decisions to be made in a short period of time. This is a process often made more difficult by long distances between family members. A funeral plan contract will ease the burden of relatives with responsibility for the funeral.

Moreover, you are responsible for the final decisions so the mourners can bid you farewell in accordance with your wishes. You can decide which details you would like to control yourself in your funeral plan contract. We will be happy to advise you on the different types of funeral. The organisation of a funeral service, care of the grave and the design of an individual gravestone can also be determined in advance. Advance planning provides the reassurance of knowing that everything has been arranged in accordance with your wishes.

Some people express their wishes with regard to their funeral and resting place in their will – typically this is opened after the funeral and consequently these wishes cannot be taken into account. In a funeral plan contract you can appoint one or more representatives who are aware of the funeral plan, which will then be contacted.

We offer a special service for our plan customers. Firstly, you are given a plan file in which all documents, powers of attorney and forms can be kept close at hand or which can be stored in another folder. Secondly, you receive a small plan ID card which you keep with your personal identification so that we are immediately notified when our assistance is required.

Would you like more information or to book an appointment for advice? Then feel free to contact us.

Funeral payment for financial protection

We advise you to financially protect your funeral plan so that relatives are not only relieved of the stress of decision-making but also have financial protection from the costs of the funeral.

The withdrawal of the death benefit in 2004 means many people are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the cost of a dignified funeral. It is therefore advisable to protect your funeral plan with competitively priced funeral expense cover. This means that the fulfilment of your wishes will not be thwarted by the financial circumstances of the relatives responsible for your funeral. Depending on funeral type and region official fees can account for almost half the burial costs. This means the total cost of a funeral can amount to several thousand euros.
In partnership with IDEAL Lebensversicherung a.G. we can offer you the IDEAL death benefit, which offers more advantages than a normal escrow account at the bank, which we can of course also provide.

You decide yourself the amount required to fulfil your wishes.

The benefits to you at a glance:

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We can offer you a range of funeral plan options:

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