The Meeting House – a space for emotion, mourning and a sense of community

Funeral services combined with art and culture

On 16 January 2004 the Haus der Begegnung (Meeting House) was officially inaugurated in Berlin. The basic idea behind these houses is to also make visually clear our stance on the central issue of ”dealing with mourning, bereavement and dying in a dignified manner.“ Death cannot continue to be a taboo issue associated with darkness and silence. In these houses death is treated as an inescapable aspect of the cycle of life. The increasing demand for individualised funerals has been – and will continue to be - taken into account.

Many people no longer wished to say farewell at a cemetery. We have therefore created premises which have been made warm and welcoming through the use of wooden and glass elements, a tasteful colour scheme and attractive plants. In this way inhibitions and reluctance to address the subject of death are eased. Our Häuser der Begegnungen are multi-purpose communication and meeting centres.

Nowadays funeral directors are service providers. Regardless of worldview, belief orientation or religious persuasion, the funeral service is an important element of the mourning process and a time for sharing memories of the deceased.
The offering of the Haus der Begegnung is also aimed at artistic, charitable and institutional organisations in the respective town, for we also arrange talks, lectures and further training events as well as offering traditional mourning services. Institutions which do not have their own premises can arrange to use individual rooms including presentation technology.

The offering is supplemented with a host of activities such as exhibitions by regional artists who perhaps cannot afford a gallery, concerts and readings. Dates are announced by the respective sites on their web pages. You are welcome to visit and arrange a viewing appointment.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

What will you find at the
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