City-wide, nationwide and worldwide transportations

Transportations – in a hearse or an aeroplane

If a person dies at home, in a hospital or at a care home, for example, the contracted undertaker takes the body to a refrigerated morgue within a legally regulated period of time. Refrigeration can take place at the funeral director’s, at the cemetery or also at the crematorium.
Transportations can take place within a town or city, throughout Germany or worldwide. Transportations within Germany or worldwide are required if the desired place of interment differs from the place of death. Depending on distance the deceased can be transported in a special coffin to their home town/city by aeroplane rather than in a hearse.

In the event of a death outside Germany our Horizont division can provide services in several languages and assume responsibility for all formalities relating to the repatriation. A large number of international requirements must be fulfilled which vary from country to country and coordination with the consulate is necessary.

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We organise transportations and repatriations no matter where your loved one deceased.

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