Death and mourning – determined by religion

Rituals and traditions for the funeral or transfer

A huge number of people of a host of nationalities and beliefs live together in Germany. It is possible to identify five major world religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

In Germany Christianity is the predominant religion. It can be shown, for example, that there is not just one Christ or only Catholics and Protestants within Christianity, but a plethora of additional sub-groups and schisms. Each belief and worldview results in a different funeral, with a variety of rituals and requirements. Depending on the religion these can be absolute prescriptions or merely a preference. Regardless of your religious persuasion, if you live in Germany it is important to know that there are funeral directors which take all requirements into account.

Of course the best way of protecting yourself is by entering into a funeral plan contract while you are still alive. Then, as a devout Catholic, for example, it will not be possible for the social security office to cremate you on the grounds of cost – because your wishes have been set down in a legally binding contract. Without a plan it will be more difficult since no one is as familiar with your beliefs and wishes as you are and can decide on your behalf.

Colleagues of many religious persuasions are employed across Ahorn AG’s Germany-wide network who are familiar with a host of rites and rituals and can observe these precisely during the transfer, funeral and memorial ceremonies. They will discuss all important matters with you in advance. With us, for example, it is possible to have a body laid out in an open casket at any time. Within the framework of what is legally permissible we do all that we can.

Put your trust in us – we are the right choice for everyone.

The world religions

The worlds religions

Ahorn AG pays special attention to the requirements for the funeral as well as connected ceremonies and rituals of the world religions.

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